River & Fishing Report

Water Information
Water Temperature
Middle Roaring Fork
475 CFS
Lower Roaring Fork
761 CFS
North Star
50.9 CFS
Pine Creek/Numbers
520 CFS
Browns Canyon
670 CFS

Rafting and Fishing Report


The monsoon season is lingering! The clouds are rolling in, in the afternoons to help cool things down. We recommend morning trips, if you’re looking to avoid the rain. But if the rain doesn’t scare you, we’ll take you rain or shine! We have wetsuits & splash tops to keep you warm and comfortable on the river. 

We offer snacks, local beers, water and other beverages after the trips, and, best of all, we have FREE PHOTOS!!

We have two great high adventure sections on the Arkansas. Pine Creek is a Class IV full day with an optional Class V rapid. Numbers is an extended half day with splashy Class IV rapids. Both trips include lunch. Physical fitness is a MUST and everyone in your group NEEDS to be a strong swimmer!

The Middle Roaring Fork is great for families with kids 5 and up, and at least 40lbs. 

Inflatable kayaks are a fun, adventurous trip in your own kayak! Guides will give you on-shore instructions as well as when you’re on the water. Everyone must know how to swim. This half-day adventure is great for kids 12+ and adults looking for an adventure but don’t have the time for a full day trip. 

For those with young children and folks that just want something relaxing, the Lower Roaring Fork is a beautiful section with great scenery and the occasional wildlife sighting! 

Northstar Nature Preserve has low water, but it’s still a scenic and relaxing way to enjoy the river. We’re putting in at South Gate now, so no need to worry about beaver dams! 


We are now in the “dog days” of summer. The rivers are running low & clear and the days are warm. The river has been holding up well against the warm temps and the upper Roaring Fork is in prime condition. Water temps on the lower Roaring Fork have been reaching 68-70º F in the afternoons so we urge anglers to only fish this section in the mornings when the water is cool and the fish are happy. Chances of survival of fish after being caught in water over 68º F decreases dramatically. The Colorado River is under voluntary fishing closure all day due to high water temps until further notice, probably early September. 

Float fishing on the lower Roaring Fork has been great in the mornings, get out there early and take advantage of the cool water. We have been seeing good hatches of PMD’s, little yellow sallies and beatis. For now you can get away with size 14 and 16 beadheads, I usually stick with lighter color flies yellow and or tan. Pretty soon we will be downsizing our flies (and tippet) on the Lower Fork to match the ever-present baetis. Dry fly fishing has been hit or miss down here but if the sallies are out the fish are usually looking up. Don’t be afraid to throw a streamer down here, the action can be hit or miss, but when it’s on, it’s a great way to see a lot of fish and possibly hook a big one! When streamer fishing, use a heavy tippet so you can play the fish fast and get it back in the water quickly.

The upper Roaring Fork has been on fire. This is the best place for dry fly action, especially in the faster pocket water. Caddis, pmd’s, and a few lingering drakes, are the name of the game. My favorite way to fish this section is by covering lots of water with a stimulator and a small beadhead dropper. You can also try skating caddis for explosive strikes, especially in the evenings. Also look for pmd duns and rusty spinner falls. The river is low now and you can basically wade anywhere. Don’t neglect the deep mid-river pools and also the fast shallow riffles. You will be surprised how fast and skinny these fish will hold.

Best Flies Include:

  • Stimulators #10-14
  • Yellow, Tan, or Brown Foam Caddis #12-16
  • H&L Variants #10-12
  • Hares Ears #14-16
  • Soft Hackle Caddis #14-16
  • Sally Nymphs such as Micro Wired Stones or UV Sallies #14-16
  • Pheasant Tails #14-18
  • Frenchies #14-16 
  • Split Wing PMD’s #16
  • Prince Nymphs #10-18
  • Swiss Emergers #16 for PMDs, #20-22 for Tricos
  • Variety on streamers
Tiger trout float trip
River Section
Age Minimum
Middle Roaring Fork
5+ 40lbs
Inflatable Kayaks
12+ adventurous & strong swimmers
Lower Roaring Fork
4 and at least 35lbs
Pine Creek
16+ Must be physically fit and a strong swimmer
14+ Must be physically fit and a strong swimmer
Browns Canyon
10yo adventurous and strong swimmers
Wade Fishing
8 +
Float Fishing
12+, experience recommended


Overcast clouds
12:17 PM
Min: 59°F
02:07 AM
Max: 81°F
W 7 mph