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Cassie Hancock - River Guide


River Guide

Started: 2021

Hailing from Bradenton Florida, Bean has been obsessed with water since she came out the womb. She traded in a love for the ocean to an obsession with whitewater and hasn’t looked back. From guiding on the Gauley River, being the captain of a Women’s National Racing team, running the gnar of Gore Canyon, conquering the Russell Fork (where raft guides go to die) to swimming the Class V section of the Nantahala Cascades, Bean has seen and swam it all!

When she’s not plugging big, juicy holes on the river, she enjoys picnics and chill leisurely floats with friends and loves to snuggle with her perfect dog, Malloy. He is the best boi. Bean is the most attractive raft guide and is currently working on being more humble.

Favorite Trip: The Mighty Lochsa River

Favorite Drink: Pamplemousse La Croix

Favorite Trail: Lost Man